Insight Psychological Group is a licensed clinical practice with locations in Westfield, Maywood, and Teaneck, New Jersey offering professional psychotherapy and counseling to address a broad range of psychological issues. Our services include individual therapy, couples therapy, and therapy for children, teens and families. In particular, we invite you to read further how counseling at IPG can help you based on your stage in life.
We offer therapy for: Depression & anxiety disorders, stress & anger, ADHD & school problems, family & relationships, divorce, trauma, couples counseling, grief & loss, chronic & terminal illness, personality disorders. In addition, we now offer Group Therapy and Workshops.

New Group!

Introducing Catharsis: A Process Group for Healing in the Aftermath of Trauma, for women, conducted by Tina Frank, LPC.

Now Available

Several of our practitioners are now offering a number of sliding scale treatment appointments to uninsured or low-income individuals, couples, and families.

Insights >

Read our “Insights” Blog discussing various topics in psychotherapy and general mental health, written by our own clinicians.

The Many Voices of Eating Disorders

A client in an eating disorder group I worked with recently disclosed her feelings that living with eating-disordered thinking makes you...

Supporting the Symptoms (Better to Remain in “Prison”?) Part 3

Supporting the Symptoms(Better to Remain in "Prison"?)Part IIIThis is Part 3 of a three-part blog entry. We hope you've enjoyed.Now, back to the...

Supporting the Symptoms (Better to Remain in “Prison”?) Part 2

Supporting the Symptoms(Better to Remain in "Prison"?)Part IIThis is Part 2 of a multipart blog entry, check back in a few days for the...

Better to Remain in Prison?

Supporting the SymptomsPart IThis is part 1 of a multipart blog entry, check back in a few days for the continuation.Therapy takes time....

Vitality and Belonging

When I think of Vitality, I think of the body. I remember feeling somewhat trapped throughout school, sitting for classes, forced to pay attention...

The “S” Word

The "S" word – Why are so many people afraid to say it? A blog post for Suicide Prevention Month September is National Suicide...

Mirrors in Psychotherapy

A famous psychologist once wrote that we need to reinvent psychotherapy for every client. This requires of the therapist, not only a...

What is Somatic Imagination?

Somatic Imagination is inspired by Jung’s Active Imagination, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Melanie Klein’s writings about...

Opening Unseen Doors

As I sit here and wonder what to write for this blog post, I reflect the impact that counseling can have on people. As I have gone for...

What is the ‘Here-and-Now’?

The "S" word – Why are so many people afraid to say it? A blog post for Suicide Prevention Month September is National Suicide...

Additional Areas of Focus

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Anxiety in Children >

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for children helps with excessive worry, perfectionism, avoidance of school and events, and insecurity.


Eating Disorders >

Eating Disorders affect a surprising number of Children, Adolescents and Adults. It is a complex mental illness which requires a coordinated treatment involving psychotherapy, nutrition, and primary medicine.

Grief and Mourning >

Grief and Bereavement Counseling assists those who feel “stuck” and depressed following the loss of a loved one or a major change in one’s life.


Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Depressed Teens >

Pressure to conform, yet stand out in our fast-paced, hyper-connected society often causes breakdowns in family relationships. Therapy can help.


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy >

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy helps clients explore and understand the unconscious forces that may be driving unwanted behaviors or thought patterns and unlock their potential.

LGBTQ Issues in Adolescents >

LGBTQ youth face unique challenges with peers and family. At a stage when identity is an issue, the support of a trusted therapist can help strengthen relationships and enhance self-worth.


Symptoms emerge as our mind’s way of “dealing” with the conflict between the beliefs and assumptions that are buried deep within our psyches and what is actually happening in real life, all around us, right now.

– Dr. Helfgott