Your Inner Bully

Learning How to Tame
Your Anxiety

We can be our own worst critics.  Regardless of age, gender, cultural, or socioeconomic backgrounds, this commonplace saying can resonate with all of us. When our inner critic begins speaking too loudly one thing we might begin to feel is anxiety. Walking through life feeling anxious because we can’t get away from our biggest bully can impact our relationships with others and with ourselves.  If you are struggling with your inner bully, it is time to learn how to stand up to yourself, for yourself.  You deserve kindness from others, but most of all, you deserve love, kindness and compassion from yourself.

There is no better way to stand up to a bully than as part of a group and with strength in numbers.  Utilizing the strength and kindness that we would show others, you will learn how to communicate this kindness to yourself in a believable way.

Together with others looking for self-improvement, participants in this course will also learn to listen to their body and respond in a way one’s body will understand and feel strengthened, even when standing alone.  Don’t forget, this series is a BYOB event – bring your own body!

This 8-week workshop will help you:

·    Learn about the general relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

·    Identify how negative thoughts and feelings can be experienced throughout our bodies

·    Learn more about your personal relationship patterns with your inner bully

·    Explore and practice different mindfulness and grounding exercise to improve your relationship with your internal critic

When is the course beginning?
New sessions will begin in the Fall

Where are the groups being held?
Insight Psychological Group (in-person)
773 Central Ave.
Westfield, NJ 07090

Who is it open to?
Adults 18 and up (potential to split the group into two parts, depending on sign-ups, 18-30 and 31-59)

$65 per week, 8 week commitment

Group Leader
Rayna Choquette, LSW


Week 1: Introductions
Week 2: Psychoeducation – What makes a bully?
Week 3: I think therefore, I am – Using helpful thoughts versus unhelpful thoughts
Week 4: It feels like anxiety – Regulating emotions to quiet the bully
Week 5: Walking the Anxious Talk – When your inner bully gets its way and how to walk a different talk
Week 6: Your relationship patterns with your inner bully and building new relationship patterns
Week 7: Mindfulness for your inner bully – Standing up and learning to live with your inner bully
Week 8: Reflections

After filling out your application expressing interest, Ms. Choquette will be in contact with you to help decide if the group is right for you.
Before beginning the group, approved participants will be given consent and payment authorization forms to fill out.

Rayna Choquette, LSW

Rayna Choquette, LSW

Group Leader

Rayna Choquette (she/her) is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who earned her Master’s degree from Rutgers University. She works with individuals and families through many issues related to depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, and grief. She is also trained in crisis intervention and de-escalation skills. Prior to joining IPG, Rayna worked with adults in a wide variety of settings, including residential intensive support with community support services, psychiatric inpatient units, and behavioral health outpatient services. She also worked with children in providing individual and group counseling to elementary students classified with emotional and behavioral challenges. With a deep respect for the therapeutic relationship, she practices through trauma informed and anti-oppressive lenses, ever mindful of the unique individual’s personal strengths and right to self-determination. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Attachment-based Therapy influence her therapeutic approaches. She is currently a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).