Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which people learn from one another by solving problems together, making meaning out of concepts and ideas and engaging with one another. 

There are many benefits to group therapy. Some benefits include:

  • improving critical thinking
  • improving communication skills
  • learning teamwork 
  • learning team building and collaborative skills 
  • learning listening skills 
  • building interpersonal relationships 
  • improving cultural awareness 
  • creating peer learning 
group therapy

Group therapies allow people to enhance important life skills as well as solve problems that arise in today’s world and in patient’s own lives. Group therapy allows people to share ideas and learn how others tackled difficult issues. People also gain knowledge on how to work more collaboratively with others through communication and listening.

Additionally, because group therapy can address difficult topics it may be beneficial for people to have others around them to support them during these moments. Sometimes realizing one is not alone in their struggle helps people feel better. People can also learn new coping methods and new strategies through their peers. The connections group members make in group therapy go beyond learning teamwork and other important skills, they teach and remind people that they are not alone, which helps people cope immensely. 

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