Psychotherapy session at IPG

Insight Psychological Group (IPG) was founded in 2013 by Dr. David A. Helfgott based upon the simple premise: Psychotherapy is not purely a medical treatment; it is also an authentic human engagement. After years of successful work in his solo private practice, Dr. Helfgott sought to expand on his experience and invite other practitioners who shared his vision to create a large group of compassionate, uniquely skilled, and committed therapists offering quality, impactful psychotherapy in a way that reaches individuals deeply and lastingly.

Part of the uniqueness of IPG also lies in the way it creates a supportive, therapeutic, and collegial environment for its practitioners which fosters self-reflection, peer consultation, and emotional support to ensure that its practitioners are consistently operating at the peak level of their ability and never suffer “burn out” or “compassion fatigue.” This greatly improves each therapist’s work with their clients; clients can sense a calmer, more open, receptive and thoughtful therapist sitting in front of them, and this makes for much better outcomes. Quality therapy is not an impersonal application of manualized procedures for discrete collections of symptoms; it is an unparalleled, multilayered interface between the help-seeking individual and the engaged and attuned therapist, which over time, promotes the individual’s personal growth and psychological health.

Additionally, in solo practices, practitioners may find themselves facing new or complex situations with clients that ethically or even legally require consultation with their peers to ensure proper treatment. Solo practitioners may also encounter clients in periods of immense emotional pain and distress, sometimes tearing at the deepest heartstrings of the therapist. IPG’s approach addresses both issues. Strictly confidential consultation between therapists enables a clinician to remain strong, resilient and prepared to return to the consultation room, refreshed and ready for the next client. At IPG, clients can sense this atmosphere of support and nurturance through the open, honest, and inviting demeanor their therapist always maintains.

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