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Insight Psychological Group believes that the best therapist is the loved therapist. IPG creates a close-knit, warm environment with frequent scheduled and unscheduled opportunities for support and feedback from one’s peers and mentors in the practice. What gives the therapist strength to be the container for a client’s trauma or self-defeating misery is the sense of camaraderie with one’s colleagues and an assuredness of safety at a practice that cares about them.

Both our Westfield and Maywood locations have several openings for psychotherapists possessing an LCSW/LPC/LMFT/PSYCHOLOGIST/LSW, LAC, and are comfortable working with adults, children, or teens. Working with couples and families is a plus.

IPG now offers several options for employment:

  1. Fee for Service for fully licensed practitioners, $50-$65/hr. Part time or Full time. 25 hours or more per week entitles the therapist to subsidized health, vision and dental benefits. IRA/401K with matching provided after 1 year.
  2. Full time salaried position for fully licensed or mid-level practitioners. 25 clinical hours per week required. Subsidized health, vision and dental benefits. Life insurance. 401K/IRA with employer matching. Paid holidays. Sick time and Paid Time Off allotment. Supervision for mid-level licensed practitioners is included. Salary is commensurate with experience, hours worked, and populations treated. Range is $40,000-$76,000.
  3. Supervisory level practitioners. Salary position or Fee for Service. Full time includes all the benefits as above, with additional time off, more life insurance coverage, higher matching 401K/IRA plans. Salary range: $55,000-$85,000. Reviews and raises yearly.

All categories include CEU Reimbursement packages, as well as annual reviews, raises and bonuses. Other perks and supplemental benefits include: HSA/FSA, Dependent Care, Pet care insurance and discounts, Auto/Home insurance discounts, Verizon mobile and Apple discounts, optional Identity Theft and 529 College Savings plans.

Therapists at IPG have autonomy to practice psychotherapy in their own style with wide flexibility for charting and record keeping. Therapists have the option to hone specialty treatments areas by emphasizing certain clientele within their caseloads. Salaried therapists are required to devote at least two days to in person work and two evenings.

The IPG environment is warm, collegial and collaborative. Weekly case conferences are held which provide supervision and feedback, as well as a sense of community and friendly peer support. The culture fosters increasing self-awareness and always looking to improve one’s skills. The offices themselves are brand new and spacious.

All overhead is covered, including malpractice insurance and worker’s comp. Here is a summary of the features and benefits provided:

  • Full featured HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform and client communication software
  • Full featured cloud-based HIPAA-compliant scheduling and note-taking platform
  • Modern, comfortable office space for in-person therapy
  • Online scheduling platform for in-person office use
  • Remote weekly supervision/peer-support group
  • A culture of increasing self-awareness and always looking to improve one’s skills.
  • Individual supervision towards licensure if needed
  • Fully staffed back-office which takes care of all medical billing, insurance follow-up services, patient accounts receivable, etc.
  • Office liability insurance
  • Marketing and community outreach
  • Tax withholding/unemployment/worker’s comp/disability
  • Office overhead and expenses (including comfortable waiting room, phone/internet, copier, printer, fax, remote answering service, website, etc…)
  • Credentialing services
  • Group Health Plan (health/dental/vision)

Psychotherapist- Westfield/Maywood Offices