Insight Psychological Group offers Group Therapy for qualified individuals, usually concurrent with their individual work with their therapists. Our groups are run in a variety of formats by various practitioners.

Some groups focus on the here-and-now expression of feelings in a peer-supportive format. They are an excellent addition to individual therapy, especially for people who are motivated to grow and have a strong desire for more satisfying connections with partners, friends, family members, co-workers and acquaintances. These are often referred to as Process Groups. Other styles incorporate a more psychoeducational focus, coupled with an ever-evolving exchange of resources and advice. Others still are more structured and follow a per-defined order of educational and therapeutic modules.

We are currently offering one group:


Past groups include:

Catharsis: A Process Group for Healing in the Aftermath of Trauma (Maywood)

Anorexia Freedom Project (Westfield)

Women’s Divorce Support Group (Maywood)

Personal Development Group (Westfield)

Anger Management Group (Westfield)