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Q: What is your current processes for billing sessions? In the past, your system has been confusing!

A:  We know. That’s why we have finally swapped out our old billing software for a much better one.

Our new process for sessions occurring from October 24, 2022 onward is that a client’s card on file will be charged their copay or expected coinsurance/deductible amount within a day or two after each visit.

Q: What happens if my card wasn't on file or wasn't charged at the time of service? What happens with my balance?

A:  If a client’s account is not successfully charged the copay, estimated coinsurance/deductible, or pre-arranged fee at the time of service, then our Billing Department will send a statement (invoice) of patient responsibility to a client’s portal in an easy-to-read format. If a client has a card stored on file, the card will automatically be charged the full patient balance five days after the date of the statement, unless prior arrangements have been made with our office.

If a client does not have a card on file, they will be required to make a payment through their portal and store a card on file for future use.

Our office typically waits until sessions are processed and finalized by the insurance company before generating a patient responsibility statement.

Q: What about sessions that happened before October 24th?

A:  Only sessions occurring from October 24, 2022 onward will be billed using the new InSync portal, as above. But, any sessions that occurred prior to October 24th will continue to be billed through our old system, CentralReach.

This means that older sessions that occurred before October 24th, will continue to be invoiced twice each month, and clients’ old/existing cards on file will be charged just after the invoice due date for those sessions as insurance gradually processes those prior visits and the patient responsibility becomes due. This was our old “clunky” system, unfortunately.

Q: Why are you still using the "old" system for the sessions prior to Oct. 24th if the system was so confusing?

A:  We wish we could have migrated the old visits into the new software, but it wasn’t possible. Please bear with us during this transition period as we temporarily are required to bill through two systems till we clear out all the old visits.

Q: Am I getting double-billed by mistake?

A:  No. If a client’s card is being charged twice on the same day or a day or two apart, it is because one charge is for a session that just happened, and the other charge is for an older session that occurred prior to October 24th and was already invoiced.

We only charge what insurance tells us to, and clients should always refer to their EOBs before contacting us. Nevertheless, mistakes happen, and clients can always reach out to us for a printout of visits and payments.

Q: What are the advantages of your new InSync portal?

A:  In the new portal, clients will be able to view all their sessions, charges, and payments.

Clients will be able to generate their own financial statements for submission to FSA/HSA accounts, or for tax purposes.

Clients will be able to view and update personal or insurance information, as well as update the credit card we have on file.

Clients will also be able to ask billing questions from within the portal to our billing or administrative staff.

Q: I've been a patient of IPG for a long time, I thought you had my card on file already...?

A:  We require all new and current clients to add in a credit/debit card to their new portal, even if it is the same card as we have previously been using. Cards that were held on file in our old system were not able to be transferred to the new portal for security reasons.

There is also a new and updated consent form clients will fill out in the new portal.

Q: Can I see my charges from October 24th in the new portal?

A:  Balances owed for sessions occurring prior to October 24th, 2022 will not appear in the new portal. Those sessions will be invoiced and charged to the old card on file two weeks later, as per our old system. Yes, the one that was bad.

Q: Can I see a therapist without having a card on file?

A:  We have found that the quickest and simplest way to keep your therapy going smoothly and unencumbered by billing matters is to keep and bill a card kept securely on file. InSync by Qualifacts uses the most up-to-date and strictest standards for encryption, security and confidentiality.

If a client is not comfortable keeping a card on file, they can speak with our director to see if there’s another option.

If you have trouble logging into your portal or have any questions on the above, contact or 908-228-2740, ext.2.

If after following the portal instructions you still have questions about your insurance, please contact us at, 908-228-2740, ext.4.

For questions about your balance, you may contact, 908-228-2740, ext.3.