In order to become a new client and start your treatment, you will need to log into your own Patient Portal through the electronic health records system we use, CentralReach, and fill our the Patient Consent Form and the Payment Authorization Form. In the portal you will also be able to view and pay your monthly bills. We are thrilled to offer this convenient tool for all our clients to use!

As a new patient, we have already sent two “Tasks” to your portal for you to fill out your forms, as well as to turn on notifications, so you will be informed when a new bill is sent to your portal.

We have created this helpful video below which walks you through the process of logging in and navigating the portal to be able to fill out your paperwork. Below the video is a step by step process to logging in and filling out the forms.

Instructions for logging in and setting your password:

1.  Navigate to the CentralReach Portal.
2.  Click on “Forgot Password/First Time User“.
3.  Enter the Email Address you used when originally filling out the Appointment Request Form. Follow the security prompt and click Reset Password.
4.  After that, you will receive an email to confirm your email address. Click on the link in your email.
5.  Follow the link to the page to create and confirm a New Password. Hit Reset Password and then follow the link to Login again.
6.  Use your email address and new password to login.

7.  Once your are in your Portal, click on your name at the top left corner and select Single Sign On in order to confirm or correct your information and enhance your security through Multi-Factor Authentication.
8.  On the left hand side, select Tasks to review the two main tasks assigned to you.
9.  From the Dashboard, select the Consent to Treatment Form. On the top of the page that opens, click on Note/Form at the top of the page to properly review and fill out the form. If any of the information for you is incorrect, please call 908-228-2740, ext. 2 or email Sign the form.
10.  From the Dashboard, select the Payment Authorization Form. Verify your info once again. Fill in all the required payment information. Sign the form.
11.  Through the same drop down menu from the top left corner of your screen, you should also select and turn on Notifications so that you will receive an notice when you have a new invoice ready to view.
12.  Return to the Tasks page by clicking on the Tasks icon, and then check off all your completed tasks so that our intake department knows you are ready for your first visit!

If you are unable to log in to your CentralReach account, you can find the intake forms here as well. If you have any questions about your portal account, contact Melissa Servedio at appointments@insightpsychgroup or 908-228-2740 ext. 2.