As a client of IPG you will have access to your own Patient Portal through the electronic health records system we use, CentralReach. In the patient portal you will view and pay your bills, view appointments, and receive and send confidential messages from your therapist and our office. We are thrilled to offer this convenient tool for all our clients to use!

If you are a new patient, we have already sent a “Task” to your portal for you to fill out and complete the new patient paperwork including your Consent to Treatment and Payment Authorization form. You will need to fill these out and submit them prior to your first visit. Please also make sure to turn on notifications, so you will be informed when a new bill is sent to your portal.

Please view our helpful video below for instructions on how to log in. (Please Note: If you are an existing client and are logging in just to pay your invoice, you may skip the steps regarding filling out new paperwork and simply click on the Billing ($) icon on the left-hand side of your Portal and find your invoice there.)

Instructions for logging in and setting your password:

1.  Navigate to the CentralReach Portal.
2.  Click on the Forgot Password link under the Username and Password fields
3.  Click on enter my email link – enter the email address you already used to contact us and click Reset
4.  After that you will receive an email with a password reset link
5.  Follow the link and the instructions to reset your password, and then log in

Note: your new password will need to be at least eight characters in length and …

– Include at least one upper case letter
– Include at least one lower case letter
– Include at least one number
– Include at least one special character

Once you’ve logged in, please click on the “Files” icon on the left-hand side of your screen. When you click on each form, across the top you’ll see various options: click the “Note/Form” option to be able to fill in each form. Fill out and then Save the two new client intake documents that have been sent to you through the Files module.  The third file, Notice of Privacy Practices, is for informational purposes.

After you have completed all the forms, please find the “Tasks” icon on the left-hand side of your screen. After clicking on it, open “Intake Document Task” with a checkmark in the top right corner.  Click that checkmark to indicate all forms have been filled out. No need to print anything out, as we will have all your information stored and ready to go for your first appointment.

If you are unable to log in to your CentralReach account, you can find the intake forms here as well. If you have any questions about your portal account, contact Melissa Servedio at appointments@insightpsychgroup or 908-228-2740 ext. 2.