7 phases to our smooth billing cycle

Therapy is a weekly process, with each session costing a copay or a set fee. The best way we found to bill our clients is on a monthly basis. All clients put a credit or debit card on file which we’ll charge without clients having to manually submit payments or send checks anywhere!

Below is how our process works.

Phase One

Prior to your initial appointment, you will receive instructions how to log into your personal Patient Portal

Phase Two

Once in your portal, you will fill out your Consent Form and Payment Authorization Form, where you will store your credit/debit card securely on file with us.

Phase Three

See your therapist and start your treatment!

Phase Four

If you’re using insurance, your session(s) will be submitted to insurance for them to process. When we receive their Explanation of Benefits, we post it to your account and we move to the next phase.

Phase Five

At the beginning of every month, we generate an invoice which shows your balance to pay (copays, deductible, fees due, etc) for sessions you had that month. Notifications will be sent from your Portal, but we’ll also send you a secure text message letting you know that you have an invoice and when it will be charged to your card!

Phase Six

You can review your invoice by logging into your portal. You can ask us questions about it. Or you can pay it in full through the portal, or in part through this page.

Phase Seven

Just after the first of the month, your card will conveniently be charged the amount of your invoice.

That’s it! Nothing more to do. Wash, rinse and repeat!(next month)

To Summarize: You do not need to login or submit payments yourself. We take care of it for you each month. But you can always check your balance, pay it yourself if you choose, and ask our billing office questions about it.

Review or Pay your Invoice