When a client reaches middle age, there is oftentimes a “settling in” that has taken or is taking place. However, for many, that “settling” means giving up dreams and wishes. They may have lost connection with what was once meaningful and exciting in their lives. They may find their relationships with their partners growing stale. They might be struggling with physical changes and changes in their health which make them wonder where their youth went and if it’s still retrievable. Some clients may be burdened with family responsibility while others may experience profound loneliness as long-time friends move away or have other priorities.

Your therapist seeks to help you get in touch with your real self and reconnect with what matters. The work might be discussing whether and how to rebuild or strengthen your relationships. Or, the work might be focused on reconfiguring your goals and establishing better patterns in your life to help unstick yourself, releasing attachments to unhealthy addictions and relinquishing ties to unrealistic aspirations.

Common symptom clusters: Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Addictions, Infidelity