Halting Phone &
Social Media Addiction

This program was originally developed to reduce the dangerous effects of smartphone and social media addiction in our communities and reduce the lack of community awareness regarding the dangers of smartphone and social media use.

The Unplugging course at IPG, works to enhance awareness and understanding about smartphone and social media addiction amongst the participants, to ensure their continued health and wellness. This course implements evidence-based strategies by a licensed and certified professional in the field of social media and smartphone addiction, and strives to empower individuals to be actively engaged in changing their smartphone and video game habits.

The course is held in a group format together with other individuals who also are looking to learn ways of regaining control over their device use.

This seminar is run by Sean Foley, MSW, LSW, a certified Tech Addiction Specialist.

When is the course beginning?
New sessions will begin in the Fall

Where are the groups being held?
Insight Psychological Group (in-person)
773 Central Ave.
Westfield, NJ 07090

Who is it open to?
Ages 18-28

$65 per week, 8 week commitment

Group Leader
Sean Foley, LSW


week 1: What is Technology Addiction?
week 2: What Makes Smartphones and Social Media sites so addicting?
week 3: Human Connection: Food for the Soul
week 4: Age of Comparison: The Toxicity of Constantly Comparing Ourselves to an Image on Social Media
week 5: Communication in a Technological World
week 6: Developing a Healthy Balance Between a Physical and Technological World
week 7:  Stolen Focus: What We Decide to Pay Attention to Matters
week 8: Being Present in a Distracting World

After filling out your application expressing interest, Mr. Foley will be in contact with you to help decide if the group is right for you.
Before beginning the group, approved participants will be given consent and payment authorization forms to fill out.

Sean Foley, LSW

Sean Foley, LSW

Group Leader

Sean Foley is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who possesses a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Sean holds certificates as a School Social Worker, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and in mindfulness-based interventions. Sean has a wide range of experience working in various organizational and therapeutic settings. Some of his experiences include working with foster youth transitioning from high school into college, advocating and providing supports for homeless families, and assisting at-risk children. Sean’s therapeutic approach includes a variety of techniques which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and mindfulness. He treats individuals with substance use disorder, social phobias, anxiety disorders, and depression. Sean also speaks throughout the state about the potential psychological risks regarding smartphone and social media overuse, a topic he has been researching for the past three years.

Email: sfoley@insightpsychgroup.com