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This population experiences tremendous stress in our modern world. Studies show that teenage girls in particular are at an increased risk of developing depression due to their added exposure to interpersonal stress. Our clinicians commonly use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and stress management techniques to treat teens struggling with depression and anxiety. CBT refers to a class of interventions that share the basic premise that mental disorders and psychological distress are maintained by cognitive factors. The core premise of this treatment approach, as pioneered by Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis, holds that maladaptive cognitions contribute to the maintenance of emotional distress and behavioral problems. According to Beck’s model, these maladaptive cognitions include general beliefs, or schemas, about the world, the self, and the future, giving rise to specific and automatic thoughts in particular situations. The basic model posits that therapeutic strategies to change these maladaptive cognitions lead to changes in emotional distress and problematic behaviors.

Our clinicians also help clients learn how to navigate significant and often stressful life transitions, whether dealing with separation and divorce, pre-college admissions, college choice, career explorations or low self-esteem.

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