Author: Brett Vasquez, LPC

OCD: A Misunderstood Disorder

“I’m so OCD”.  We hear and use this phrase commonly (and jokingly) to describe a love for cleaning or an appreciation for having things neat and organized.  Unfortunately for those suffering from OCD, it is much more...

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Parenting in the Age of Pressure

Pressure to succeed has taken on an entirely new meaning since we were kids: in school, in sports, in social settings. With competitive sports starting so young, our little ones are exposed to rejection at a much earlier age...

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Good afternoon everyone! I know we’re all working really hard to maintain a sense of normalcy and structure in our lives. Most of that starts with our mindset. How we think about things. We’re big fans of the post below and hope it helps many of you during this time!

We’re here for you all and we will get through this together!

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