Clients in this age group are often finding themselves burnt out and overwhelmed. It seems the demands of life come fast and furious and there is no let-up. Whether it’s struggling to make ends meet with ever-increasing costs, dealing with difficult or very needful children, or finding oneself conflicted between the urge to “get-ahead” and the guilt of alienating one’s children, parents find themselves and their relationships stretched to the max. Arguments ignite without even striking a match. Single parents have their own sets of challenges from lack of adequate support and resources to crippling self-doubt and inability to make decisions for their family.

Sharing these struggles with an unbiased, compassionate and understanding therapist opens the door to finding solutions to everyday problems, paving a path to a better routine, or achieving insight into one’s blindspots, leading to a greater sense of control.

Common symptom clusters: Anxiety, Phobias, Post-partum and Bipolar Depression, Anger and Addiction, Emotional or Physical Abuse